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Sylvia Bruni- Webb County Democratic Party Chair: Mission Statement

“Quien Te Manda?…My Mother’s Lesson

My Mom would ask us, my two brothers and me, when we got into trouble, reaped the consequence, and complained….”Pues quien te manda?” In other words, who’s responsible for this nasty consequence?

The reality check answer…””Yo me mando,” I’m responsible. A lesson from my mother that has guided me to this day. 

That lifelong lesson comes into play today as well. I sought and gained my Webb Community’s approval to fill the Chair of my Webb County Democratic Party because…. They believed as I do that our County is powerful, approximately 150,000 eligible voters who need to realize how influential their vote will be IF they exercise this mighty privilege and VOTE. However, our voice is more of a whisper than a roar, only 50% of our eligible voters having come to the polls in 2020. 

We can do better, much better. We can begin by filling every single one of the 69 Webb County Democratic Precincts, and in this way building up our TEAM, strengthening and energizing our Party from the grassroots on up. And I know that I can help! In fact, when I was officially sworn in to the office of WCDP Chair, I began my tenure with seventeen precinct chairs on the rolls. Today, that number has grown to forty three and we continue to invite willing and committed Webb Democrats to volunteer to serve their precincts if no Chair Person currently occupies that seat.

The issues are critical, and they are all centered on what we, as Democrats, most value: a healthy and robust economy that provides a living wage for all of us; reasonable gun control; affordable health care for all; a protected environment; smart border security, that does not include a wall; comprehensive immigration reform; a stronger public school system; social justice….all issues that our Webb County Community deserves but which are often stalled either at our state legislature or in Congress.

Today, both my Mother’s lesson and my own life experiences have brought me to this place. A very successful and diverse professional career and an equally faithful dedication to community service have given me deep insights into my community, its strengths, its potential and its needs. It is this knowledge, earned and not simply claimed, that convinces me that we can reach solutions, with our Voice and our Vote, because after all….”Quien Nos Manda? Nosotros Nos Mandamos!

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